Hello, my name is Denis Denchev and I am a junior software developer

I have the core skills of web-development such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and React.

I am actively looking for job opportunities.

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A potential employer asked me to produce something in Vue, as I have never used it and his tech stack required it. I did find a tutorial which I followed along and added some extras as well. I find Vue very fun and interesting to learn. Currently working on a project, using Vue.

Morsecode Translator

In our first week of JavaScript we were assigned a task to create a morse-code translator that translates letters to morse. The extension was to make the app work from morse to letters, which was very tricky. After finishing the course I went back to re-do the project and added some features to it. It was very difficult to add features I have never used, but with reading and determination I have managed to do it!

Accounting Website

I have created a website for a friend who is an accountant. UI/UX and developed by me from scratch. It was a challenging as I had to code the back-end in NodeJS and host the website on Heroku. I had to use mailChimp platform, EmailJS and restify to achieve the desired results. Having no prior experience with NodeJS, Heroku, Restify, MailChimp I have managed to get everything working as it should.

Client Project

Working on a client's project, build a complex website, using React. It was a good learning experience because I learned how to set up Aunthenticaion, Database, private rooting, rooting to different components and fetch from API's. The whole client project was done pair programming and the half of it was remotely.

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